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Understanding ABLE Accounts from Susan Traugh's Daily Living Skills workbooks helps students understand the "Achieving a Better Life Experience" act that lets people with disabilities save money in a special ABLE account and meets federal mandates for both life skills and transition skills. These workbooks serve as both a traditional print version and an interactive version - using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Understanding ABLE Accountss provides instruction in adult living skills and transitional skills for both mild-to-moderately affected special needs students and general education students alike and provides adult living skills for special needs teens to meet federal transition mandates, Indicator 13 requirements, and SCAN recommendations.

Like the other books in this series, Understanding ABLE Accounts contains airy pages and bullet-point information for easy, independent study, yet, these books, nevertheless, respect teens’ maturity and humor while presenting federally mandated Indicator 13 skills and transition skills needed for adult independence. Each lesson is taught in a short one-to-four page format with follow-up worksheets/activities to check comprehension. Real-world activities are provided whenever possible. Lessons in Daily Living Skills Understanding ABLE Accounts include:

  • What is an ABLE account?
  • The Cost of Disability
  • Who Can Open an ABLE Account?
  • Who Can Can Contribute to My ABLE Account?
  • What Can I Buy with My ABLE Account?
  • Money Management
  • Goal Setting
  • A Little Bit about Bookkeeping
  • What Does it Cost?
  • Small Savers vs. Big Savers
  • If You're Working
  • Investments
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Savings Accounts

Additionally, this book provides a student grading sheet, answer key and a Parent Letter suggesting at-home activities for families in accordance with federal mandates for parent involvement.

Understanding ABLE Accounts - 2 Workbooks

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