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Transition 2 Life (T2L) is a self-directed program providing mild- to moderately-affected special needs students with the skills they need to transition into adulthood and you the curriculum you need to meet federal mandates and Indicator 13 requirements. It is highly appropriate for independent study and distance learning.


This 2nd edition has been completely revised with a new font, added materials and all the websites updated and corrected.


This 194-page curriculum can be used to meet transition goals during an intensive semester, during the senior year, or throughout the high school years. It has been used with students as young as fourteen and into the middle twenties with positive results.


The workbook is written on a high third/low fourth grade level with lots of airy pages and short, direct lessons followed by a comprehension quiz or real-world activity, yet is still respectful of teenage maturity.


The units and suggested resources, including transcripts, IDEA laws, IEP’s, voter registration cards, and ATM cards, etc., provide students with an individual resource portfolio that will guide them through college, employment or young adulthood while meeting federal standards for transition services and you with undisputable evidence that you have provided comprehensive transition education. Certain lessons, such as map-reading, schedule interpretation, and resource location begin with examples based on California resources but then ask students to find similar resources for their particular town or state. This is done so that students may be secure in their ability to understand the use of the resource and then obtain the skill of locating their own pertinent resources.


ITP goals have been provided for each unit. Just copy the goal and use it in annual IEP’s to meet transition goals. Parent verification letters are provided with each unit to keep parents apprised of your efforts to meet transition goals, and suggestions are provided to parents to help them enhance their child’s life skills learning. Grading sheets are included with each unit, and an answer guide for all units is provided in the teacher’s manual.


Units include:


Who Am I? --College and career exploration, learn to read and understand my IEP, learn to advocate for myself, analyze what life skills I currently possess,discover learning styles.


Transportation--Learn how to find the city grid, read a map, take public transportation, study for a driver’s license.


Education--Career aptitude test, fill out sample college application, create a college class schedule, learn how to obtain grants and financial aid, find the disabled student service center.


Finance--Learn how to write a check or use the ATM, examine current spending habits and how they impact future financial health, create a budget planner, file a 1040 EZ


Communication--Learn explicit instruction on business manners, dress and behavior, write business letter, create a resume, address an envelope, obtain personal references.


Employment--Fill out job application, practice answers to typical interview questions, participate in mock interview with rubric, explore how to find job openings.


Resources--Learn how the law affects me at 18, have resource guides to provide information on legal rights and responsibilities at 18, resource guides on where to find help (abuse, unemployment, housing, health, etc.) in my community.



While many teachers will be able to download the program today and use it today, for those of you who would like additional information, please go to our website. In-service for implementation of T2L is available online at An introductory power point presentation is also available on the site for use with students, parents and/or staff.

T2L – Transition Skills Curriculum

  • 194 pages

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