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Stress Management is a bundle pack from the Self-Management series of units that are part of the Daily Living Skills series. Using 8 books from the Daily Living Skills series, students are directed to the social-emotional skills they need to manage personal stress better and are provided tools to function better in the classroom, workplace, and life in general in this one-year bundle pack.


Books in this series are provided in a prescribed order so that students can build their skill set from book to book include:


WHO AM I? COLLEGE AND CAREER—This book allows students to examine their IEPs, advocate for themselves, analyze their learning styles, and explore job aptitude. (Pgs. 44)


GETTING A PAYCHECK—Students explore time sheets, gross and net pay, types of deductions, employer expectations, and budgeting.


TIME MANAGEMENT—Learn what kind of time manager they are, why they procrastinate, methods to overcome, prioritizing, how to stop worrying, and more.


MANAGING STRESS—Learn the difference between good/bad stress, the benefits of good stress, four major methods of coping with “bad” stress, 50 ways to de-stress, and more.


DRESS FOR SUCCESS—Looks at basic hygiene, ideas on bathroom organization, hints on organizing time/supplies for easy dressing, (also business attire and “appropriate” dress), clothes storage, hanger use, etc.


TRANSPORTATION—You can’t have a job if you can’t get to it. Learn about the highway grid and finding your way, public bus and train services, how to study for a driver’s license, bicycle safety, police etiquette, road rage and emergency road equipment. (Pgs. 46)


Teacher's Manual is included with each bundle containing a Scope & Sequence and written IEP goals for each workbook.


Like all Daily Living Skills workbooks, this series is written on a high third/low fourth-grade level and targeted to the mild-to-moderate population (although you’ll see in the ratings, many teachers of students with moderate-to-severe disabilities have used the program successfully.) All vocabulary is defined immediately in context so students build confidence in the information. Pages are light and airy with lots of bullet points and pictures and are set with a tone that is friendly, yet respects the sensibilities of this age group. Every book contains an answer key and Parent Letter explaining what transition skills you are addressing along with suggestions for parent follow-up at home in compliance with federal mandates.


Like all the other bundle packs, you can save 10% or more by purchasing books in bundles.


You can sample the series with our free book—Doing Laundry.


Titles in the Daily Living Skills transition series include: Becoming Likeable, Becoming Self-Aware, Building Character, Building Self-Esteem, Building Self-Motivation, Buying Insurance, Celebrating Holidays, Cleaning House, Creating Self-Confidence, Decision Making, Doing Laundry, Dress for Success, Everyday Manners, Fair Fighting, Getting a Paycheck, Grocery Shopping, Hygiene for Girls, Hygiene for Guys, Interviewing Skills, Kitchen Basics, Making Conversation, Making Meals, Managing Stress, Nutrition, Outdoor Chores, Overcoming Failure, Paying Bills, Practicing Patience, Safe Dating, Seeking Employment, Staying Healthy, Time Management, Transportation, Voting, Washing Dishes, Who Am I? College and Career, Work Games


A Powerpoint presentation is available free on this site to introduce your class/parents/administrators to the program.

Stress Management Bundle

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