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The Social Skills Bundle is the bundle pack you’ve been asking for containing four Daily Living Skills units focusing on social skills and designed for mild-to-moderately affected special needs high school students, but appropriate for any young person wanting transition and independent living skills. This transition to adult life program provides in depth lessons on the following social skills:


Everyday Manners

Making Conversation

Fair Fighting

Safe Dating


All units have a lesson/quiz format to constantly check for comprehension, a complete grading sheet, answer key, parent verification letters to document compliance with federal standards and airy, third-grade reading level pages. All workbooks meet Indicator 13 requirements of the federal transition standards.


The Tables of Contents for each workbook are included in the "Preview" section of each individual book on this site. To preview the program format, tone and reading level, download the free unit—Doing the Laundry—which is also available on this site.

Social Skills Bundle

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