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The Resiliency Bundle Pack from Susan Traugh's Daily Living Skills workbooks helps students negotiate the interactions needed to successfully move back into the social- and school-world after the isolation of COVID and provides life skills and transition skills necessary for adult living.


Offered at 10% off the single-book prices, this bundle includes the three books Practicing MindfulnessGoal Setting, and Becoming Likeable. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress while actually increasing cognitive skills. A short, daily 10-minute practice can enhance student learning and provide the stabilizing effects that will help students transition back into the classroom. Setting goals allows students to focus on moving forward with confidence and success rather than seeing the obstacles reintegration into society might cause. And reviewing the skills needed to make and keep friendships will give students the confidence they need to become social beings again and have concrete steps they can take to becoming likeable.


The Resiliency Bundle Pack provides instruction in adult living skills and transitional skills for both mild-to-moderately affected special needs students and general education students alike and provides adult living skills for special needs teens to meet federal transition mandates, Indicator 13 requirements, and SCAN recommendations.


Like the other books in this series, it contains airy-pages and bullet-point information for easy, independent study, yet, these books, nevertheless, respect teens’ maturity and humor while presenting federally mandated Indicator 13 skills and transition skills needed for adult independence. Each lesson is taught in a short one-to-four page format with follow-up worksheets/activities to check comprehension. Real world activities are provided whenever possible.


Included in this description is the preview for Practicing Mindfulness and a video from Becoming LikeableGoal Setting has a preview provided on that book's store-site. Topics covered in each book are as follows:


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Becoming Likeable include:


  • Why's It Matter?
  • How Can I Tell (if I'm Annoying)?
  • Ten Keys to Likeability
  • Key 1-Don't Compete
  • Key 2-Ask Questions
  • Key 3-Pay Attention
  • Key 4-Be Positive
  • Key 5-Smile
  • Key 6-Don't Judge
  • Key 7- Open Up--A Little
  • Key 8-Be Who You Are
  • Key 9-Touch
  • Key 10-Bring Value
  • The Unspoken Rule--Have Integrity


The video in this preview is one of ten available on TPT or YouTube on my channel, Susan Traugh.


Lessons in Daily Living Skills' Goal Setting include:


  • What is goal setting?
  • The two parts of goal setting--aim and execution
  • Movitvation
  • Creating SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, real, timed)
  • Goal elimination
  • Choosing a goal--the DOTE system
  • The gut test
  • What to do when you fail
  • Setting up a system
  • The STAG system (System That Achieves Goal)
  • Creating a Cornerstone Habit
  • Locking in and triggering habits
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Defaulting to success
  • Prep work
  • Visual cues
  • Creating a Success Calendar
  • Checking-in and revising
  • Creating a feedback loop


Lessons in Daily Living Skills' Practicing Mindfulness include:


  • What is mindfulness?
  • Meditation vs Mindfulness
  • Trying to cope/Containing stress
  • Benefits of relaxation
  • Mindfulness builds brains
  • Beginning mindfulness
  • Before you begin know this
  • How to start
  • Your mindfulness playlist
  • Mindful videos
  • Mindful walking
  • Relaxation visualization
  • Mindful reading
  • Mindful writing
  • Mindful messaging
  • Mindful drawing/coloring
  • Mindful music
  • Mindful listening
  • Mindful errands/mindfulness in everyday life
  • Creating my own Mindful Playlist


Additionally, each book provides a student grading sheet, answer key and a Parent Letter suggesting at-home activities for families in accordance with federal mandates for parent involvement.


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Resiliency Bundle Pack

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