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Job Skills is a cost-saving bundle pack to help walk your students with special needs through the life skills and transition skills needed to acquire and maintain gainful employment. The Job Skills bundle consists of the following five workbooks:


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Getting a Paycheck, include: Whose Time is it?; What's an Emergency?; Taking Breaks; Social Security Cards; Hourly or Salaried?; Overtime; Pay Periods; Gross vs. Net Pay; Deductions; W-4 Forms; Keeping the Job; Bank Accounts; Fiscal Responsibility; Needs vs. Wants; The 50/20/30 Rule; Rainy Day Funds; Cards; Getting Out of Balance; Credit Card Debt; Your Credit Score; Your W-2 Form; Filing Your Taxes


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Interviewing Skills, include: Professional communication; Manners matter; Table manners; Business manners; Dress for success; Voice & body language; Telephone talk; How to write a business letter; How to write a resume; Key business traits; Getting references; Resume cover letter; Addressing an envelope; Completing an application; Getting Ready for an interview; Interview basics; Interview question game; Employer fact sheets


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Practicing Self-Advocacy, include: My Rights and Responsibilities as an Adult, Elements of Self-Advocacy, 1) Knowing Yourself, 2) Knowing Your Needs, 3) Knowing How to Get What You Need; Providing Access, 1) Documenting Disabilities, 2) Reasonable Accommodations, 3) Undue Hardship; Honey versus Vinegar; How to Ask for Accommodations, 1) What’s the Issue?, 2) Put It Together, 3) Making Your Request


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Seeking Employment Seeking Employment, include: What Do I Want?’Getting Ready; The Application; The Interview; Post Interview Letter; Job Shadow; A Word about Facebook; Once You’re Hired; Employer’s Pet Peeves, 1) Tardiness, Timeliness and Procrastination, 2) Bringing Drama, 3) Abuse of Sick Leave, 4) Poor Hygiene, 5) Obnoxious Phone Calls, 6) Lousy Table/Business Manners, 7) Politics and Religion, 8) Negative Nellies, 9) Tidiness.


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Work Games, include: What are work games?; Make your boss your BFF; Make face time with supervisors; Time is money; Become a 'yes man' or 'yes woman'; Anticipate needs and fill them; Mind your own business; Avoid office politics; Don't sleep where you eat; Understand 'friend' versus 'colleague'; Work is a vent-free zone; Share (or collaborate). I've uploaded the preview for Work Games so you can get a feel for the series. Previews of the other books can be viewed on this site under the book title.


Like all Daily Living Skills workbooks, this series is written on a high third/low fourth grade level and targeted to the mild-to-moderate population (although, you’ll see in the ratings, many teachers of students with moderate-to-severe disabilities have used the program successfully.) All vocabulary is defined immediately in context so students build confidence in the information. Pages are light and airy with lots of bullet-points and pictures, and are set with a tone that is friendly, yet respects the sensibilities of this age group. Every book contains an answer key and Parent Letter explaining what transition skills you are addressing along with suggestions for parent follow-up at home in compliance with federal mandates.


Lessons can easily be used in a “buy today/use today” fashion with no training and little preparation. Or, if you are a newer teacher or new to special education, the DAILY LIVING SKILLS TEACHERS MANUAL gives information on classroom organization and program set-up along with Indicator 13 support and a variety of written ITP goals for each workbook. (You do not need to buy the Teacher’s Manual—it is offered at the request of some teachers.)


Like all the other bundle packs, you can save 10% or more by purchasing books in bundles.


If you are unfamiliar with the series, please download our free sample, "Doing Laundry" on this site to see the format and tone used in all the books in this series or preview pages on the individual titles of each book which are also offered on this site.

Job Skills Bundle

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