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This cost-saving bundle pack will allow you to provide your students with hands-on help with the myriad skills needed to live independently. Couple this bundle with the “Cooking” bundle for a complete HomeEc experience.


CLEANING HOUSE—This video-modeled unit gives step-by-step instructions on how to clean each room of the house along with checklists and simple quizzes to check for understanding. Videos may be downloaded for free from this site. Videos included in this series include:

Cleaning the Bathroom,

Cleaning the Kitchen,

Cleaning the Bedroom,

Changing the Sheets, and

Cleaning the Living Spaces. (Pgs. 45)


DOING LAUNDRY—This book is offered “free” on TPT. You may download it to see the format and tone of the rest of the series. It covers sorting, spotting, laundry room organization, how to use the washer, how to use the dryer, special clothing needs, folding clothes, finding lines of symmetry, hanging clothes, storing clothes. (Pgs. 36)


STAYING HEALTHY—Students learn home health care and when to call for help. Lessons include websites to plug-in symptoms, levels of care, when to call 911, creating a doctor/prescription/diagnosis information sheet, over the counter medications and their uses, BRAT diet, liquid diet, and RICE. (Pgs. 39)


OUTDOOR CHORES--Students learn how to pull weeds, mow lawns, rake leaves, wash windows, clean gutters, sweep, and more. Ladder safety is also discussed. (Pgs. 67)


PAYING BILLS—Teaches how to budget, how to manage weekly paychecks to pay monthly bills, bill charts, financial advisors percentage recommendations, how to write a check/use an ATM, organization of bill-paying tools. (Pgs. 41)


Like all Daily Living Skills workbooks, this series is written on a high third/low fourth grade level and targeted to the mild-to-moderate population (although, you’ll see in the ratings, many teachers of students with moderate-to-severe disabilities have used the program successfully.) All vocabulary is defined immediately in context so students build confidence in the information. Pages are light and airy with lots of bullet-points and pictures, and are set with a tone that is friendly, yet respects the sensibilities of this age group. Every book contains an answer key and Parent Letter explaining what transition skills you are addressing along with suggestions for parent follow-up at home in compliance with federal mandates.


Bundle packs save you another 10% over our already economical prices.


Lessons can easily be used in a “buy today/use today” fashion with no training and little preparation. Or, if you are a newer teacher or new to special education, the DAILY LIVING SKILLS TEACHERS MANUAL gives information on classroom organization and set-up along with Indicator 13 support and a variety of written ITP goals for each workbook.


If you are unfamiliar with this series, download the free "Doing Laundry" workbook offered on this site to see the format and tone used in all the books in this series. You may also check out the preview pages for each individual title also offered on this site. Please note: the price for this bundle pack includes the "free" Doing Laundry book also offered at no charge.

Homemaking Bundle

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