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Here’s an introductory Daily Living Skills Bundle. Our 5 most popular units designed for mild-to-moderately affected special needs high school students to acquire life skills and transition skills, but appropriate for any young person wanting independent living skills. This transition to adult life bundle provides in depth lessons on the following life skills:


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Everyday Manners, include: Why do we need manners?; Greetings; Introductions; Flag etiquette; Polite pedestrians; The magic words; Bodily noises and functions; How to sneeze/cough; Telephone manners; Thank you notes; Table settings; Table manners.


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Getting a Paycheck, include: Whose Time is it?; What's an Emergency?; Taking Breaks; Social Security Cards; Hourly or Salaried?; Overtime; Pay Periods; Gross vs. Net Pay; Deductions; W-4 Forms; Keeping the Job; Bank Accounts; Fiscal Responsibility; Needs vs. Wants; The 50/20/30 Rule; Rainy Day Funds; Cards; Getting Out of Balance; Credit Card Debt; Your Credit Score; Your W-2 Form; Filing Your Taxes.


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Grocery Shopping, include: Grocery store layout; Per unit pricing; Cost comparison; Coupons; Impulse buying; Organizing the refrigerator; When food's too old; Grocery lists; Meal planner lists; Food storage.


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Kitchen Basics, include: Accident prevention; Knife and fire safety; Fire extinguishers; Cookware terms; Bakeware terms; Tool terms; Cleanliness; Kitchen organization; Common cooking terms; Measuring; Abbreviations. Additionally, this book provides a student grading sheet, answer key and a Parent Letter suggesting at-home activities for families in accordance with federal mandates.


Lessons in Daily Living Skills Paying Bills, include: Budget sense; Young person's planner; Bill paying calendar; Monthly bill chart; Writing checks; Using an ATM; Keeping a register; Real life money issues (cars, insurance, etc.); Cost of credit cards; Saving; Filing a 1040 EZ.


Additionally, each book provides a student grading sheet, answer key and a Parent Letter suggesting at-home activities for families in accordance with federal mandates.


A Teacher's Manual is also available for teachers who prefer this support. The manual contains tips for implementation of the program and program management along with written ITP goals for each workbook, a class grading system for each unit and notes (as needed) for each workbook.


Finally, a Power Point Presentation is also provided here (free) which will allow you to introduce the program to students, parents and/or administrators in a quick, yet comprehensive manner.


All units have a lesson/quiz format to constantly check for comprehension, a complete grading sheet, answer key, parent verification letters to document compliance with federal standards and airy, third-grade reading level pages.


To preview the program, download the free unit—Doing the Laundry—which is also available on this site.

Fab 5 Bundle

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