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Dating Bundle is the cost-saving bundle pack from Daily Living Skills to help your students with special needs address the myraid life skills and transition skills involved in dating. This pack includes:


DRESS FOR SUCCESS—Looks at basic hygiene, ideas on bathroom organization, hints on organizing time/supplies for easy dressing, (also business attire and “appropriate” dress), clothes storage, hanger use, etc. (Pgs. 41)


MAKING CONVERSATION—Discusses topic choice, Facebook’s top conversation choices, appropriate/inappropriate conversations, conversation starters, body language and eye contact, how to “invite yourself in,” how to end a conversation, accepting rejection. (Pgs. 59)


FAIR FIGHTING—Interpersonal relationships have conflict, this book teaches students how to disagree without being disagreeable. It also teaches the four rules of “fair fighting:” 1) No violence, 2) Stay in the now, 3) Don’t pile on and 4) End in Win-Win. (Pgs. 43)


EVERYDAY MANNERS--Greetings, introductions, opening doors, cell phone manners, table manners, flag etiquette, hat etiquette, and pedestrian manners are all addressed here and will help your students feel confident when dating in public places. (Pgs. 45)


SAFE DATING—Checks if the student is ready to date, who to date/personal values, where to look for dates, online dating, 10 tips to safe dating, creating a dating plan, group and buddy dating, PDA’s, how far is too far?, ways to say “no”, how to accept “no.” (Pgs. 61)


Like all Daily Living Skills workbooks, this series is written on a high third/low fourth grade level and targeted to the mild-to-moderate population (although, you’ll see in the ratings, many teachers of students with moderate-to-severe disabilities have used the program successfully.) All vocabulary is defined immediately in context so students build confidence in the information. Pages are light and airy with lots of bullet-points and pictures, and are set with a tone that is friendly, yet respects the sensibilities of this age group. Every book contains an answer key and Parent Letter explaining what transition skills you are addressing along with suggestions for parent follow-up at home in compliance with federal mandates.


Lessons can easily be used in a “buy today/use today” fashion with no training and little preparation. Or, if you are a newer teacher or new to special education, the DAILY LIVING SKILLS TEACHERS MANUAL gives information on classroom organization and program set-up along with Indicator 13 support and a variety of written ITP goals for each workbook. (You do not need to buy the Teacher’s Manual—it is offered at the request of some teachers.)


If you are unfamiliar with the series, please download the free "Doing Laundry" workbook on this site so you can see the format and tone used in all the books or preview the pages provided in the individual books in this bundle pack (also on this site.)

Dating Bundle

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