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Here is the Scope and Sequence for the award-winning Daily Living Skills series of workbooks for transition skills for teens with mild-to-moderate disabilities.


The Scope and Sequence contains a lesson-by-lesson breakdown of each workbook, the federal transition codes tied to each book, and an indication of the multi-modality activities addressed in each workbook.


All workbooks in the series are written on a 3rd/4th-grade reading level with airy pages and bullet-point information. Workbooks meet federal transition mandates and Indicator 13 requirements. The Teacher’s Manual contains pre/post-assessments, written IEP goals, parent information/participation letters, student/parent priority inventories, and more. Modeling videos are available free on this site or on Susan Traugh’s YouTube channel along with narrated PowerPoint presentations.  Try the series free by downloading Doing Laundry or any of the free mini-lessons offered on this site.

Scope and Sequence

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