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Making Oatmeal Lesson for Teens

Deep into the cold of winter, there’s nothing as comforting as a bowl of warm oatmeal. Maybe that’s why “National Oatmeal Month” falls in January.

For teens with special needs, making this meal by themselves can be a satisfying adulting skill that they can take with them into independent life. And, the ease and simplicity of this recipe makes the process perfect for introducing teens to the art of cooking.

Free “Making Oatmeal” Video

This oatmeal is made in a microwave in the bowl you’re use to eat it. Therefore, it requires a minimal amount of preparation or fuss. You’ll need:

  • A microwave

  • Oatmeal

  • Water

  • Microwave-safe bowls

  • Spoons

  • Hot pads

  • Napkins or paper towels

  • Milk, sugar, and other fixings

How to Structure the Lesson

  1. Outline the lesson. Let students know that they will use the information in the video to make their own bowls of oatmeal. Ask them to make a mental note of the steps involved.

  2. Hand out Page 9, “Microwave Oatmeal Recipe. Read it together so students can prime themselves for the steps involved and understand what’s coming on the video.

  3. Watch the Video. Check out the modeling video “Making Microwave Oatmeal” on YouTube. Stop it if necessary for your students, or watch it straight through.

  4. Answer Page 10. You use these comprehension questions as a quiz, or explore the answers together to help reinforce the video.

  5. Make oatmeal. Keep students engaged by having them instruct the “chef” each time a student gets up to take their turn.

For More Information

“Making Oatmeal” is one of the lesson in Making Meals from the Daily Living Skills series. Written on a 3rd/4th grade level, these books are, nevertheless, respectful of a teens’ maturity and sensibilities while providing Indicator 13 skills and federal transition mandates. Find the entire book, and all the books from this series here.

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