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Transition 2 Life and Daily Living Skills provide transition/life skills for teens and young adults with mild-to-moderate disabilities. The programs meet federal mandates for transition skills, Indicator 13 requirements, and SCANS recommendations. These award-winning series offer easy-to-implement, affordable curricula that is engaging and inviting to a wide variety of students.


Daily Living Skills

Provides an intensive program of specific life skills for students who need concentrated skill-building and is appropriate for life skills, sheltered day, and workability programs among others.

The program includes pre/post-assessments, written IEP goals, federally mandated family involvement letters, parent/student inventory preferences, unit checklists, answer keys, modeling videos, PowerPoint lessons, and more.

Transition 2 Life

This all-in-one book is appropriate for RSP programs, senior projects in the general population, and compliance for students who need just a little extra help.

Built-in Teacher's Manual includes written IEP goals, parent letters, and codes to federal mandates.

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Adulting Skills

Buying Insurance

Cleaning House

Doing Laundry

Home Maintenance

Ironing and Mending

Outdoor Chores

Paying Bills

Record Keeping

Safe Dating

Staying Healthy


Job Skills

Dress for Success

Getting a Paycheck

Interviewing Skills

Note Taking

Seeking Employment

Who am I? College & Career

Work Games

Essential Skills

Essential Skills in Grocery Shopping

Essential Skills in Getting a Paycheck

Cooking Skills

Kitchen Basics

Grocery Shopping

Making Meals


Picking Produce - Fruits

Picking Produce - Vegetables

Community Resources

Community Resources

Emergency Preparedness

Enjoying Recreation

Understanding ABLE Accounts

Using the Library

Executive Function

Becoming Self-Aware

Building Self-Esteem

Building Self-Motivation

Creating Self-Confidence

Decision Making

Goal Setting

Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing Self-Advocacy

Time Management

Social Skills

Addressing Bullying

Addressing Racism

Becoming Likeable

Celebrating Holidays

Everyday Manners

Fair Fighting

Hygiene for Girls

Hygiene for Guys

Making Conversation

Masks & Social Distancing

Practicing Patience

Using the Telephone


Fact or Fake News

Understanding Government


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